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Registering a domain name is the first step to starting a new business, product or service. Just as important as registering the right domain name is being able to manage your domain name and use it. This is why; we provide free domain name forwarding (both framed and standard), free dns services and free online management with all domain name registrations. Not all domain name providers give you full control over your domain name and many will charge fees for services that we offer for free. Backed by our wholesale partner who is a leading provider of domain names to large corporations in Australia, we will make the process of registering and managing your domain name straighforward and stress free..



How to register a domain name?


Click here to register a domain name. Enter the name you wish to register and tick the extension required and click 'Search'.  Add the domains you wish to order to the Cart and your details and after your online payment, you will receive a Certificate of Registration and Tax Invoice by email when your domain is registered.  

What happens after my domain name is registered?


Use your username and password to login to the online management system. If you wish to utilize free domain forwarding or free dns services, you will need to login to order these services.


Can I use email with my domain name?


Yes, you can login to order email hosting or web hosting, if you did not order this service with your domain name registration. All web hosting accounts come with email accounts but email hosting only provides an email service and no web hosting space. 


Why register multiple domains ?

Proactively protect your trademarks, business names and product names by registering domain names in various domain name extensions. Search engines are using ip addresses to determine the locality of visitors and businesses and therefore it has become increasingly necessary to register multiple domains and develop multiple websites if you wish to geographically target a particular country or region.

Secure your domain name globally and use free domain redirection to redirect website visitors to the most appropriate area on your website or develop multiple targetted websites. Domain name registration is an affordable way of protecting your brand.

Email hosting Use an email address associated with your domain name from $99 per year. Let us help you set up professional email accounts. You can configure your email to download to your computer, iphone, mobile, ipad, or server. Web hosting plans from $149 per year. Ideally suited for small businesses or individuals.

Our domain and hosting clients

Our domain name and hosting clients come from a range of industries and include photographers, builders, musicians, retailers, artists, small businesses, corporations, restaurants, entrepeneurs, doctors, accountants, individuals for personal websites.

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